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Q: How much are my union dues?


A: See the chart to the right-"How dues are determined", to figure out the amount for MEA/NEA dues. For local dues, please contact your Association leadership. The combined amount is due, on a monthly basis, by the 25th of each month (September-June). 

Q: What are dues used for?

A: Union dues are used for staffing; public relations and political action on education issues; training/professional development of members, leaders and staff; legal services; advocate research; other administrative, structural and organizational costs.

Dues are NOT used to support any political candidate- only Political Action Committee dollars are used in this capacity. 

Q: I would like to join the union, but it is now the middle of the year. Do I have to pay for the previous months of this school year?

A: No. Your union membership begins as soon as you sign up, as do your dues payments. 

Q: I fell behind in my dues payments, and now I am a member not in good standing. I can't afford to make double payments to catch up. What do I do?

A: As a member in good standing, you are not able to get the legal benefits of representation, as well as other services covered as a member. Contact Carol Titus, our Field Membership Assistant, to work on a payment plan that will get you back into good standing. Payment plans can begin as low as $5.00-10.00, depending on your membership status and dues amount. She can be reached at 810-733-7800.

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