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10-G Genesee county council

UniServ Directors: Troy Beasley, Bruce Jordan

Field Assistant: Jessica Stafford

Membership Field Assistant: Carol Titus

Troy Beasley

Bruce Jordan

Fenton E

President: Sarah Foster

Atherton E

President: Heather Hulswit

Beecher P

President: Micah Knox

Grand Blanc E

President: Gary Smith

Grand Blanc O

President: Karen Moore

Beecher E

President: Marcia Turner

Bentley E

President: John Horton

Grand Blanc P


         Renee Wright, Kathi Lawrence

Bendle E

President: Kevin Meinka

Contract: 7/23-6/25

  • Constitution/Bylaws

Lake Fenton E

President:Lisa Richards

Linden CFMP

President: Mitzi Thorton

Carman-Ainsworth CMOPP

President: Terry Tynes

Carman-Ainsworth E

President: Frank Burger

Linden E


Mott CC E

President: Robert Dudock


  • Constitution/Bylaws

Carman-Ainsworth T

President: Lucius Miller

Mott CC Prof Tech O

President: Sherry Weeder

Clio CM

President: Nancy Kingsbury

Clio E

President: Kyle Tolstylea

Clio O

President: Cheryl Orth 

Flint E (UTF)

President: Karen Christian


President: Amanda Kern

Genesee ISD E

President: Eric Wood

Montrose E

President: Casey Shuck 

Westwood Heights CFMOP

President: Susan Mason

Westwood Heights E

President: Jennifer Besko

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